Founded in 1996, Bagmane Group is the developer of prestigious business parks in Bangalore. With Bagmane Tech Park, its first project launched in 1996, Bagmane Group is the name behind premier Grade A knowledge workplaces across key Bangalore micromarkets. Bagmane business parks have the reputation of being of the highest quality and offering myriad advantages – including campus style developments, contemporary design, futuristic materials and a wide range of in-campus amenities and facilities.

The Group is exclusively focused on commercial real estate in general, conceptualized to support knowledge corporations in particular; and we have consciously the entire range of skills and capabilities to support commercial space development. We have been a pioneer in the development of next-generation workplaces, effectively supporting the need of knowledge corporations since the dawn of the industry in India. Some of the most prestigious business parks bear the Bagmane name and by extension, its promise of immaculately designed and built workplaces in highly attractive locations.

A history of success & Pioneering firsts

  1. The visionary Mr. Raja Bagmane founded the Bagmane Group

  2. Development of workspaces for knowledge sector with offtake of space by large multinational American knowledge corporation

  3. First built-to-suit project implemented by Bagmane Group completed and handed over to major telecom corporation

  4. Bagmane Tech Park expands further with 2 more built-to-suit solutions completed and handed over

  5. Bagmane World Technology Center launched with 1 million sq.ft. of space

    Bagmane Tech Park grows to 3 million sq.ft.

    5 built-to-suit solutions delivered

  6. Launch of Bagmane Constellation Business Park World Technology Center with BTS for large global consumer electronics company

    Bagmane World Technology Center grows to 3 million sq.ft.

  7. Land parcels totaling 150 acres+ acquired across Whitefield, Yelahanka and Bangalore ORR

    Portfolio comprises 45+ tenants across 3 operational tech parks

  8. Bagmane Group launches Bagmane Solarium City in Whitefield and Bagmane Capital on ORR

    16 built-to-suit completed and delivered

  9. Client base comprises 60 tenants

    8.5 million sq.ft. under construction and development

    18 built-to-suit completed and delivered

When we started our journey in 1996, we had a focused passion to create a corporate real estate offering that was in tune with the best in the world. We did this by creating landmarks in terms of design, build quality and location to attract the best talent. Proudly, our teams have been the force behind workplaces that truly make a difference to knowledge corporations; and this spirit continues unabated.

Raja Bagmane
Founder and Managing Director, Bagmane Group